Tuambia Alimentos: Online Store Delivers Groceries In Cuba

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Online markets have sprung up all over Cuba in recent years, offering international payment methods. This fact makes it simpler for Cuban migrants to assist their friends and family; in addition to money, they can send goods like food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, appliances, and more. However, picking one of the marketplaces could occasionally be difficult. especially if you’ve never visited the website before or don’t know much about it. Thus, one of Cuba’s best options for internet shopping is Tuambia Alimentos.

Introduction to Tuambia Alimentos

Tuambia Alimentos is a an online food-based company that focused on delivers nutritious and sustainable food products service in Cuba. Its goal is to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding online market in the nation by providing goods and services at the most affordable prices in a convenient and effective manner. As well, They wants to enhance health and well-being by offering high-quality eco-friendly options for people.

Main products sold by Tuambia

Tuambia provides a broad variety of goods in several categories, ranging from traditional tuambia alimentos to building supplies. The store specifically separates its inventory into:

  • Food: water, oils, meats, vegetables, grains, pasta, dairy, eggs, desserts, and preserves, among other foods.
  • Personal and home care: hair care, baby products, detergents, soaps, and perfumes, among other things.
  • Home appliances: Air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washers, air conditioning accessories, and other appliances
  • Hardware: Paint, varnishes, sealants, glue, plumbing, tools, and household supplies are a few of these.

You can order any quantity of the products, with the exception of a few that have set limits. The prices are typically lower than those of other stores.

How to Register on Tuambia Alimentos?

If you follow the instructions exactly, registering with Tuambia Alimentos can be a simple and fast process to finish. Once you’ve reached the store’s home page, completing the registration will take you around five minutes. This may be accomplished via their website. To sign up with Tuambia, you need to:

  • When you see the person-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen, click or tap on it.
  • Select the “Create Account” option. It will bring up a fresh page right away.
  • Give your name, username, phone number, password, and working email address while filling out the registration form. Once you’re sure you accept the terms and conditions, click Create Account to proceed.
  • The email address you provided will get a confirmation email from Tuambia. Open your inbox, find the retailer’s email, click Continue, and then check your inbox once more.
  • You can make purchases directly from Tuambia on the following page, which is your account page, as you also entered your new store profile with the confirmation email.

How to Buy Food in Tuambia Alimentos?

Tuambia’s user-friendly website makes online shopping quick and simple, so the process of making a purchase isn’t too difficult. The first step in the process is to select the province to which you want your purchases delivered from the store’s main page. You can do this by selecting it from the menu that appears on the screen when you walk in and that you can see in the picture.

  • Access account: To access your account, click the person-shaped icon in the upper right corner, select Sign in, and then enter your username and password in the menu that appears. If you haven’t already authenticated, click this.
  • Find the product: Select the product category you wish to purchase from the list on the home page (highlighted in red) or enter the product name in the search field (highlighted in blue).
  • Choose the product: After completing Step 2, a new page containing several products that are either the same as the products you searched for or the product type you chose will load. If they are foods, you will see a list of foods similar to the one in this article’s image.
  • Product description: To view the complete description of a product, click on its name.
  • Review the product: The price and quantity to be purchased are displayed on the product description screen. By tapping the “+” and “-” buttons, which we have highlighted in red, you may change the amount.
  • Add to cart: Click the Add to Cart button if you’re ready to buy the item. You have the option to put the item on your wish list without buying it, and Tuambia will send you an email when it goes on sale.
  • Check cart: The cart icon, with a number that represents how many products you have bought, is located in the upper right corner. To view the cart, click on the symbol.
  • Proceed with the payment: You can check the items you’ve bought on the cart screen. Alternatively, you can click Continue shopping to carry on shopping or Proceed to payment to complete your transaction.
  • Proceed to pay: After entering your credit or debit card details as requested on the screen, click Pay to proceed.

Tuambia Alimentos: Benefits

Tuambia Aliments provides a broad range of benefits for food enthusiasts and households. With their wide product range, consumers can efficiently stock up on everything from their household staples to gourmet meals at one place. The quality of their offerings ensures that every offering is prepared with Tuambia Alimentos materials which is nothing but super delicious. However, the special delivery offered by Tuambia makes it easier for consumers to get their orders. 

Their Offerings:

Tuambia provides a broad range of products to gather all the culinary requirements. From indulgent cheesecakes to extra premium Jameson Whiskey for any special occasion, their selection is sure to delight any food enthusiasts. Additionally, these treats are also providing essential household articles such as milk, detergents, and beans.

Tuambia Alimentos Payments Process for Purchased Goods

No, Tuambia requires payment to be made at the time the online purchase is completed. Following your selection of the goods you wish to deliver. You may pay using one of the payment options the platform offers. You will receive an email confirming your purchase with all the details as soon as money is received.


Tuambia Alimentos offers a convenient and efficient online marketplace for Cuban consumers, providing a wide range of products from food to home appliances. With straightforward registration and purchasing processes, it simplifies supporting families in Cuba from abroad. Tuambia stands out for its competitive prices and comprehensive delivery service, making it a top choice in the Cuban online market.

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