Kecalf Cunningham:  Carrying The Torch Of Musical Excellence

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Kecalf Cunningham

Everyone might have heard the name of Kecalf, a popular singer and a son of a popular singer Aretha and Ken. In this article we are going to discuss about Kecalf Cunningham. Further moving in the article you will also learn about his personal, professional and physical appearance. You will also get to know about the controversy Kecalf was involved in. So read the article very carefully.

Kecalf Cunningham Wiki

Kecalf Cunningham is a well-known American star. He is the child of singer, songwriter, and pianist Aretha Franklin. However, his tenacity and diligence as a rapper and hip-hop artist were what made him famous. The crowd loved his compositions as well as his live performances. 

Kecalf rose to fame as the appealing singer’s son, who passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. During the 1960s, people called her the “Queen of Soul.” 

Full NameKecalf Cunningham
Date of Birth28th of March 1970
Birth PlaceUSA
Age52 Years
ParentsMother : Aretha Franklin Father : Ken Cunningham
WifeKafi Franklin
No. of Children5
Net Worth$80 Million

Physical Appearance

Kecalf Cunningham is a short man, at 5 feet 11 inches tall on average. Despite this, he has attractive features, with black hair and brown eyes.

Height5 feet 11 inches

Personal Life

Kecalf Cunningham is a married person. He is married to Kafi Franklin, and the two of them have 6 beautiful kids. Kecalf and Kafi have one male and five daughters.

Victoria Franklin was the name given by the parents to their first child. Victoria is a singer and composer who is carrying on his father’s legacy. Jordan Franklin is the name of the couple’s only child.

Furthermore, Kecalf Cunningham gave his final kid the name Grace Franklin, albeit not much is known about her. Similarly, the couple still has to disclose the names and the names of their three other children.

Kecalf Cunningham Wife

Kafi Cunningham was the former wife of Kecalf Cunningham. About his wife, not much was known. She has appeared on her kids’ or husband’s social media accounts. But, on none of those occasions did she share personal information. In actuality, Kafi and Kecalf may not even be wed at this point.

Kafi stated that she was not Kecalf’s daughter and that she had another daughter named Bianca Hall. She claimed to be single at the moment. 


Kecalf became well-known in 2008 after he and his mother went to a Radio City Hall event. It would not be long before he found his calling and followed in his mother’s footsteps. He took the podium beside his mother in 2017 to celebrate the designation of a road as Aretha Franklin’s Way.

Apart from it, he has composed other songs, some of which are recounting stories from the Bible, and others of which are dedicated to his mother. He has also performed cover songs with his daughter Victoire.


In mid October of 2018, the rapper and singer was sentenced to prison. Authorities in Michigan placed him under arrest. This occurrence occurred not long after the two months before, when his mother passed away from pancreatic cancer. On December 19, 2018, Kecalf was found guilty. He was guilty of both driving the vehicle and using drugs. As a result, he might spend up to 93 days behind bars. However, on February 26, 2019, he was granted release from jail, ending his captivity.

Kecalf Cunningham Net Worth

Kecalf Cunningham is an actor and has accumulated over $4 million in net worth as of August 2021. In addition, he shared in Aretha Franklin’s $80 million fortune as an heir. 

Kecalf had followed in his mother’s footsteps as a musician. In reality, he was a Christian rapper known as the “Shaquille O’Neal” of Christian rap. Through his songs, Kecalf sings of Christian ideals and stories from the gospel. Aretha was his business manager throughout his initial rise to fame in the music industry.

Interesting Facts 

  • Christian rapper Cunningham has performed several times alongside his mother.
  • Known as the “Shaquille O’Neal” of Christian rap, he uses his lyrics to spread the word about God.
  • Franklin managed Cunningham’s finances when he first started his musical career.
  • Cunningham’s brother plays the guitar, and his daughter sings. The family has a tradition of musical talent.
  • Franklin inspired all of her kids to follow their musical interests and dreams.


Kecalf Cunningham is the son of the legendary Aretha Franklin. He rose to fame through his own talents in rap and hip-hop. Despite controversies, he continues to make music and pursue acting. With a net worth of $80 million, he carries on his mother’s legacy while carving his own path in the industry.

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